The Original Mexican Restaurant & Bar ///

528 Riverwalk, San Antonio, TEXAS 78205 . tel: 210-224-9951

Our place

...Authentic Mexican with Texan charm!

Welcome to the last independent establishment on the Riverwalk.

We serve up big helpings of homestyle Mexican, with expert spicing, fresh ingredients and draught beer on tap. If you're hungry after a long day of exploring all sweet San Antonio has to offer, or you're a regular with a craving for something delicious, we've got a plate of something great for you.

There's also our Kangaroo Court Cheesecake, which really does have to be tasted to be believed.

So why not pay us a visit?

"So I started off with the salsa, spicy and tomato based. My margarita was good. I had the strawberry margarita, the strawberries helped take away some of the bite from the actual margarita. I had the bacon wrapped chicken...the chicken was tender and it was stuffed with something nice. For dessert, I had the sopapillas. They were light and fluffy, and perfect when you have them with honey. So I recommend this place if you want to have a nice relaxing dinner by the river."
- Pat Johnson @ Citysearch